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36 is drifting. (Kreuzberg bleibt unhöflich)
a documentary film project by Silke Botsch.


Freeze on Modification. The documentary is about present, past and future of the outstanding area in Berlin, KREUZBERG 36. In period of 2 years a colourful entertaining Montage has developed and shooted, showing and telling what Xberg is going through gentrification in a new century. Intimous and personal stories about the residents and her needs combined with historical archive-footage from the past and further visions for the future are crossing with controvers and ambitous power. The daily life in this changing area, shows the contradiction truth between a sozial-culturel growing network always open for everyone promising freedom and the strong influence of politics and business which are undertermining this organic growing system in itself. The moment of upheaval in a geografic restricted area is a dramatical area of tension which will be shown in this documentary film.

Personal background (pdf)

Chris und Mofa nacht mit ati
Chris und Mofa
Nacht mit Ati

sparkasse uli und die russen
Uli und die Russen